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6 Jan 2012 by Chuck, No Comments »

Well, hello. This is Vanessa and I’s first post up here on Perfect Couplet and we figured that it would be a great time to outline what our plans are and where this is all going.

What our plans are:

  • Help people deal with all the BS in the “health” and “fitness” industries
  • Work with people to overcome insecurities and body image issues
  • Let people know what being healthy really means
  • Help people to find ways to get their friends and families involved in the journey toward optimal health
  • Figure out how to dispel the hundreds of myths and outright lies about diet and exercise
  • Show people that you can live a healthy lifestyle, without going nuts or alienating everyone you know
  • Explain the why and how of effective training and ideal diet choices
  • Give our reviews and recommendations for apparel, books, equipment, and lifestyle gear that’s actually worthwhile
  • Try to help people create their own “Perfect Couplets” in their lives

Where this is all going:

  • Uhhhh….

Honestly, this is just something that gives us an outlet for all the things that we’re really passionate about. I’m a trainer and Vanessa is a nurse practitioner and through the course of our combined days we get asked questions, lots of questions. Most of these questions relate to diet and exercise, but one of the hardest ones to answer is, “How do I get my husband/wife/partner/kids/parents/whomever to support my journey toward becoming as healthy as possible?”

Right now, on Saturday April 14th, 2012 at 5:45 central time zone, I’m not really sure.

What we both hope is that over the months and years that come, we can start to truly build a system and a method to help people create their own “Perfect Couplets,” and if we can make just a couple people’s lives better, well then that’s all right with us.

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