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VanessaBlackTopAre you sick of getting blanket recommendations for your diet, workout programming, and supplementation? Do you feel financially cheated by not getting actual value for what you pay individuals for diet and fitness guidance? Does it seem ridiculous to be given life crucial information from under-qualified or not genuinely caring individuals?

We think we know the answers to those questions. It turns out that your genetics, background, lifestyle factors, employment, and personal schedule can make you a VERY unique snowflake in regard to how to approach

Chuck Log pursuing actual health and wellness. You also deserve as much value as possible for your hard earned dollars. Keeping that in mind, we now offer the following:

We can do nutrition and training or either on its own. Some people need or want more guidance and a little hand holding while others just need a plan and to check in once or twice a week. Do you think you’ll want daily communication and assistance or will once a week work for you? If you want more guidance throughout the week, we will check your food guide daily and give you feedback as well as answer questions and give advice on training daily. Below are the prices and what is included with training and/or nutrition packages.
1. Nutrition Basic- $75/month
                 -Once a week check in and correspondence
                – Approved Food List, Portion Recommendation and Diary tracker
                – Supplement review and suggestions as needed
2. Nutrition Intensive- $125/month
                -Daily review of food log and correspondence
                -Approved Food List, Portion Recommendation and Diary Tracker
                -Supplement review and suggestions as needed
3.Training Only- $75/month
                -Weekly workouts sent to you on Friday of the week before
                -Weekly Review of workout progress
                -Correspondence once weekly and as needed throughout the week
4. Nutrition Basic and Training- $125 per month
5. Nutrition Intensive and Training- $175 per month
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