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The Perfect Couplet Presents:

The Smart People’s Guide to Living Optimally


A Six Part Seminar Series 


Our Sincere Belief…

Is that we can all enhance our daily existence, live longer, healthier lives, and find more joy and fulfillment if we are empowered with the proper knowledge and inspiration to make the correct and necessary changes. Our sincerest hope is that we can offer that information and be that inspiration.

Why CrossFit and What Else Are You Missing?

Crossfit is not just a fitness program but a life changing experience for so many, including us. Couch potatoes become athletes. Wall flowers become outspoken social butterflies. The meek become bold, the weak become strong, and new life is breathed into souls who thought their most exciting days had come and gone. Let’s not forget, people also transform their bodies and health for the better and never return to the inefficient “exercise” of their pasts. We want to explain why CrossFit works and what happens to us mentally, physically, and hormonally when we push past our self-imposed limitations and realize our full human potential.food_pyramid


Paleo. Zone. Vegan. Raw. Low Carb. Low Calorie and on and on and on…. Nutrition is by far the most important and often the most poorly managed piece of the health and wellness puzzle. Even those that know they should be avoiding grains and eating more fat don’t really know why. We want to explain what and when to eat to support fat loss and athletic excellence; why we recommend Paleo over traditional “clean eating,” why calories still count, and how to determine personal macronutrient breakdowns. Both you and your clients will understand how to use food to maximize overall athleticism and health.


Sleep and Stress

stress sleepContrary to popular belief, training hard and eating clean simply isn’t enough. This is especially true if both exercise and diet are not ideal. Your recovery, progress, and overall well-being are strongly tied to your sleep quality and quantity and the amount and severity of stress you face on a regular basis. Ensuring you get enough sleep and manage stress, both good and bad, is essential to athletic gains, body composition changes, and long term health. Autoimmune problems, cancer, weight gain, depression, and anxiety can all be linked to inadequate rest and unrelenting or unmanaged stress. Please allow us to teach you and your clients how to manage both your sleep and stress for optimal health and happiness.

Body Image

One only has to open a fashion or “fitness” magazine or watch television for a few minutes to realize that thin is in. Our culture attaches value and worth to a skinny, even emaciated image. This occurs to such a degree that many push their bodies to extremes, severely limiting calories and over-exercising to achieve a body that is “ideal.” In the United States, eating disorders are more common than Alzheimer’s disease (as many as 10 million people have eating disorders compared to 4 million with Alzheimer’s disease). However, our country has never been fatter or unhealthier as a whole. We personally know the mental and physical ravages of anorexia and bulimia and feel compelled to teach and inspire others to seek not to simply be skinny or to accept being fat as their inescapable destiny but to be strong, healthy, vibrant and accept their bodies’ natural abilities and attributes as unique and beautiful qualities to be nurtured rather than starved and suppressed.



Our endocrine systems are unique to each individual, complex, and fascinating to study. It can be confusing to try and understand how our training, food, and other factors influence how and what hormones our bodies produce. However, we feel a basic understanding of the human endocrine system is vital to making smart diet, training, and lifestyle choices. You also need to be aware of why these issues are of great importance. It may surprise many to learn how outside influences, such as stress, exercise, cosmetics, medicines, sleep patterns, training, etc., can negatively affect our body’s production of hormones like cortisol, thyroid hormones, testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin, and how this impacts how you look, feel, and perform.

Olympic Lifting, Strength Work, and Gymnastics

AnnieThe pursuit of reaching maximum athletic potential requires that time be spent working on controlling external objects (lifting) and controlling one’s body through space and time (gymnastics.)  This is both a discussion and hands-on piece of work to help improve your knowledge and execution of some of the more difficult and demanding parts of the CrossFit movement pool.

Recovery, Mobility, and Supplementation

The more you do CrossFit the more you come to realize the importance of working on things OUTSIDE of the gym or after your workouts. Foam rolling, stretching, icing, supplementation, and many more components will be discussed and their importance in overall health and continued athletic progress explained.

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