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So some of this olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, track, diet, and CrossFit shenanigans has some wording, abbreviations, and acronyms that aren’t superfamiliar to everyone. Here’s a little terms & abbreviations list to get us rolling. This is not an exhaustive and will be added to as we move through the years. PLEASE let us know if anything comes up that you feel should be added to this list.

AHAP: As heavy as possible
AMRAP: As many rounds as possible
AQAP: As quickly as possible
BJ: Don’t be a perv; Box jump
Block(s): Diet context- unit of Zone food measure
Blocks: Weightlifting context- elevated platform for weights to be pulled from. As in power clean from blocks.
C2B: Chest to bar pullup
DU: Double under
EMOM: Every minute on the minute
GHD: Glute ham developer
HSPU: Handstand pushup
m: Meter
MU: Muscle up
OHS: Overhead squat
RDL: Romanian deadlift
s: Second (as in unit of time measure)
T2B: Toes to bar
TGU: Turkish get up

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